This is the one of the most common questions about women—why they love to read different best-selling books and novels that are all about love from most of the best-selling authors. There are lots of reasons why these girls love to read love books especially if the book has inspired many women and it really hit the heart of the readers. Why does a book become best seller? This is because many people love the book and they really don’t care if the book costs that much just for them to buy and read it anytime they want. Many women love to read love books because they are entertained well when they read it, especially those intelligent women who read different love books if they have some free or spare time just to have a good time in reading the book.


Exciting and thrilling suspense stories are also a hit but the most common genre of books that women desire is an epic love story. Stories like Romeo and Juliet, The Notebook, Twilight saga, and other awesome stories are the most common type of book that is being read by most women. They love to read this kind of books because they get many things from the story and if they want more, they will be craving for more. Women are just being women, so loving a love story books is just common for them.


There are lots of different interesting love stories out in the bookstore making women look for more, buy for more, and read for more. Why love stories make a certain woman become intelligent? It is just because they learn different things from it and then they apply it in the real world.


Reading truly gives us lots of benefits, but did you know the possible advantages or the most common advantage why women read love books and chase some love stories?


Here are the reasons why most girls are interested from love books:


They Can Relate

One of the main reasons why women love to read books that contains love stories is they can relate from their experience and relate themselves to the characters inside the book. Women love to see themselves everywhere even in a book, if the story matches their own lives and their own personal experience. A woman will keep on reading the book until it is finished because she loves it and she can associate herself with the ones inside the book.


They Found Themselves in the Book

From the things that are said before, they find themselves from the book; they relate their own experience from what’s inside the book and what kind of environment the characters are playing with. They are happy and they are overwhelmed that what happened to them in real life is just the same from the story of the book. Not all women who read love books find themselves in these reading materials but for some who do not find themselves have this reason—that they’re just interested and they love the story from this book.


They Are Interested in the Story

One of the reasons why women love to read love stories is that they love the story, they admire the story, and they dream about the story from the book they are reading. The reason why a woman becomes interested from a certain book is because from her reference, probably someone is recommending this book to her or she found out that whoever read this becomes inspired every day, just like that.


They Love Stories with Tragic Endings

One of the main reasons why a book becomes a best seller is because it has an epic tragic love stories and unexpected endings. People will surely love the story if it has different characteristics why people would love this and when the book has a very stunning ending, it can make the readers think twice or trice because they are surprised about the ending of the story.


They Can Have Tips from the Book

Yes, it is true. One of the reasons why women read love books is that they can have different tips and lessons that they can use throughout their entire life. They can have different kinds of things that they can use about their own love life.


They Learn Different Things about Love

As they read love books, their background about love will be fed and they will have different things to remember when they first started to read a book about a love. Their perception in terms of love will go deep and they will use this as they found the right guy to love.


They Can Learn Dos and Don’ts

This is one of the main advantages of reading a love story. They will know the things to avoid and the things to do if a certain situation about their love life is happening. Dos and don’ts about love are just part of growing up but to have more knowledge and to strengthen your decision making, making a book as your reference is very good idea.


They Are in Love to the (Male) Characters

It is quite funny but, yes, based from the description that the book tells about the leading guy from the book, some women becomes in love with this guy, making them dream about their own prince charming and their partner forever.


They Discovered Things that No One Has Told Them Before

It is also important that you discover something new that you can apply to your life for your own good as you read. As they read, women discover many things that’s why their maturity is growing faster than men.


They Know What to Do if They Fall in Love

Based from the tips, from the story, and from the problems in the book, women strengthen themselves and make a good foundation from these things. They know what to do and they know how to make the guy sincere or not. Basically from the book they read, they learn something and practice it in real life.


Reading love books gives you lots of knowledge and they make you prepared so that when this story comes in your love life, you will be able to know what to do and the things that you will do to deal with this kind of thing; in short, the book just wanted you to learn and be prepared.


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