Peter is the author of 30 plus books—fiction and non-fiction and published on 4 continents. He is a resident expert and regular of Top 50 USA radio and TV markets including Fox, CBS, ABC, ESPN, Coast to Coast, iHeart and over 100 other major radio and TV networks. Peter is an award-winning director, writer, cinematographer & executive producer on 7 Continents. He is also the author of more than 800 articles (self-help and fiction) appearing in major news media worldwide.

Peter is a regular guest at Canadian and American Comic Cons, and has also appeared in films/TV shows. He is the former host of the hit radio series Matters of the Mind, and currently hosts Historical Niagara, the award-winning new TV series.


Gummer: The World's Last Toothless Vampire

by Peter Sacco (Author), Michele Alba (Illustrator), Anton Byelomyttsev (Illustrator)

James Reed is a foster child, bullied throughout his entire short life. Through a chance encounter, he meets Ted, a toothless vampire, bitten while a wino on the mean streets. Not long after, the vampire who turned him was destroyed, leaving him the last of his kind and… fangless!

Gummer is about two outcasts, two very different people who yet are very similar, and how these differences can help two souls bond together. James is on a quest – finding his mother again with the help of a toothless vampire. How far will a vampire go to help make a lonely kids’ dream come true?

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