There are lots of things on how to gain knowledge, and one of the best ways is to read books. Yes! People expand their knowledge from reading different types of books. If a person doesn’t know how to read, expanding knowledge is a big problem. Most readers choose to read best-selling novels or books to gain some interesting knowledge.


We have learned how to read when our parents sent us to school. Our teachers taught us to read and to write. We also learned how to read words and how to construct sentences with the help of our teachers. When the time comes that we have kids of our own, we also need to help them on their reading especially when they are at home. Children will learn easily if we help them practice reading. Below are some tips on how to help your child on reading books or novels.


Here are some tips on how to help your child on reading books or novels:


Choose the Book that He/She Likes


Yes! This is the first thing that you need to do. You need to choose the book or novel that your child likes, or make sure that the book that you choose is based on his/her interest. You can’t motivate your child to read if you force him/her to read books that he/she doesn’t like. You need to ask your child the type of books or novels that he/she wants to read. Since you are helping your child practice reading, you need to choose a short novel or book; books with long story will make your child feel bored.


Read with Him/Her


When you help your child practice reading, it is very important to read with him/her. You need to know what your child is reading so that you can correct or help him/her if he/she doesn’t know how to read a certain word. As a parent, you also need to expand your vocabulary so that it would be easy for you so tell the meaning or to pronounce the word that your child doesn’t know.It is a good idea to have a dictionary while your child is reading in case you are not familiar with the word.


Slow Down


When your child starts to read, you need to slow him/her down if he/she reads too fast. Yes! Your child can read fast but you cannot ensure that he/she understands everything that he/she reads. The best way to practice reading is to start from reading slow; it is to make sure that your child can understand what he/she reads. Your child can still improve his/her reading skills if he/she continues to practice.


Be an Example


When you are reading books, make sure that your child can see you; in that way, you can show him the proper way of reading. To motivate your child to read, you also need to read books always. If your child notices that you are not reading or you don’t look interested, your child may lose interest in reading. Basically, you need to be a good example to your child.


Give Reading Tips


As a parent or role model, you need to give some reading tips to your child. Teach him/her to read using the eyes and not the lips. He/she will be a distraction to other readers if he/she reads aloud. Tell all the things that are needed when reading, like a bookmark and dictionary. It would be hard for him/her to read alone especially if you are not guiding him/her.


Ask Questions or Summary


After your child finish reading a short book or novel, you need to ask some questions about the book. If you are planning to choose a novel for your child, make sure that you have already read it so that you can ask about the summary of the novel. In that way, you will know if your child can easily absorb or memorize what has just been read.


Lessons Learned


When your child reads a short novel, you need to ask the lessons that he/she learned in the story. It is to know if your child really understood the story. Yes! Your child can easily summarize a story because of memorization skill but you cannot tell if he/she understood it.


If your child knows the proper way of reading, he/she can easily gain knowledge from books. When his/her vocabulary expands, it will be easy for him/her to read hard books. There are kids who are slow learner; so if your child always read books, he/she can improve the learning skills and will be able to learn things easily.


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