When a child is born with a serious condition it not only affects his parents, but his siblings as well

When Noah’s mother was giving birth to his baby brother he is overcome by jealousy and wishes his brother dead. However, when his little brother is diagnosed with Progeria (a disease that rapidly ages its victims) Noah is struck with guilt and an overwhelming drive to help his brother. But where can a twelve year old turn to find a cure for an incurable disease? Find out in, The Lost Fountain by Peter Andrew Sacco.

This book takes a unlikely trio of boys on the adventure of a lifetime; to find the mythical Fountain of Youth. Sacco’s characters are real-to-life and draws the reader into their world of mystery, suspense and adventure – think “Indiana Jones meets Harry Potter.”

I loved this book (and I’m not just saying that because Sacco is a fellow Canadian). The Fountain of Youth is engaging and will have your tween reading under the covers with a flashlight late into the night. Move over Indiana and Harry Potter there’s a new hero in town!

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