4 Effective Techniques and Strategies in Reading BooksThere are lots of people who read books as their hobby. But why do we need to read books? Well, this is not necessary but reading books might come handy with your life. First of all, why not look for the benefits that it could give? I already wrote with the previous post about the advantages and benefits of reading books. But for those who doesn’t know yet. The most important thing that reading can help you is that it makes you smarter. However, you might ask this: “So reading can make me smarter?” it will depend on what books you read and how you comprehend with it. 


Reading is easy as it is, but the way on how you understand and the way you read will determine your improvement. There are lots of effective techniques and strategies on how a person read. Here are some of the ways that can help you improve the way you read.


Skim Reading

This is usually done if you want to get an overview of the books you are reading.

What is skim reading or skimming? It is a strategy where you only read the key parts of a text.  There are two basic things that they do when skimming. It is reading by “Start-Finish” or “First Sentence”.

  • Start-Finish Strategy. This is by reading only some of the introduction, body and its conclusion. These parts are mostly used by authors to give the central ideas of their books. The main tip here is to read carefully what you read. You can start by reading some of the first paragraph or final paragraph to catch the idea you are looking for.
  • First Sentence. As it is on the techniques name, you read the first sentence on a certain page or story. This strategy assumes that the first sentence of the paragraph gives the ideas for the whole paragraph.



This is a most common techniques used for reading. This is usually used when searching for certain information about the book you are reading. Most people use this method when surfing web pages from the internet. With this technique you look only for a bit of information about the word you are looking for without reading every word of a sentence.


The question is, how do you do scanning? Most people will look first at the table of contents since it usually list all the pages and subpages of a book you are reading.  When you found a certain topic on the table of contents go to the page and look for the first 2 to 3 paragraphs of the page. Why? This first 3 sentence often contain all the information that will be covered on its page.



This method is similar to scanning but the one you will focus here are the keywords. These keywords are usually found on the opening paragraph of a chapter. Some authors give a hint on keywords. You will know if it is a keyword when it is underlined, bold, italic or any unusual writing style. After a keyword, it usually has a key point of the paragraph. You can read them and gain full understanding about the paragraph.


Critical Reading

This is about using your judgmental skill and usually used by “critics”. People as used to look them, they are the one who opposes a certain author and criticize its work. But with the view of a scholar, it is a concerned by advancing the understanding of the author and not to close it. With this method you look for a faulty writing. It involves presenting argument that analyzes what you have read.


Here are some common questions when using this method:

  • Does this argument have evidence?
  • Do I agree with it?
  • What other perspectives are possible here?


Your Ideas

These are just few of the techniques and strategies for reading books. Let me know if you have more tips, techniques and strategies in reading books by commenting below.


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