When people have a question in their minds, they read and search for it in a book. There are also times when they get addicted on reading and they won’t stop buying and reading a new one. People read books for two reasons: knowledge and entertainment.


If you are buying a book, you can first perform a research about the best-selling books online to make sure that the book is interesting. Some people stop reading books because they have chosen books that doesn’t interest them (you will definitely enjoy reading a book if it is interesting).


If you keep on buying new books, you need to arrange them in your house or room. Books can make your house presentable especially if they are well organized. Your house or room will look messy if your books are scattered around. After you read a book, you can recommend them to your family members or friends to know how interesting your book is. Even if you are done reading books, you still need to take care of them. Books can be a decoration inside the house, but you need to know how to organize and to get rid of old books.


Here are some tips on organizing and getting rid of old books:


How to organize books


Put them on a bookshelf


Yes! This is very obvious. If you want to make your books as decorations in your house, you need to have a bookshelf. You can arrange your books in the bookshelf. In that way, you can easily pick the book that you want to read. In a bookshelf, you can arrange the book the way you like; you can arrange them by size, color, title, or genre. If you just put the books in a bookshelf without arranging, you will have a hard time searching for books that you want to read.




There are lots of things that you need to do before you arrange your books on a bookshelf. One is to clean them first. Get a clean piece of cloth and wet it with water then wipe it on the cover of the books. Make sure to remove the dust or dirt that covers the title. It will be easy to choose a book from the shelves if the titles are readable. You also need to remove all scrap papers that are stuck inside the books. In that way, they won’t consume large space when they’re placed on a bookshelf.




After you clean the books, you need to repair the books that need fixing. Some books may have lost pages or cover. Get a tape or a glue to put them back together. You won’t enjoy reading books if there are missing pages. You will surely fix damaged books if you really like the book.


Organize by type


After you fix and clean your books and the bookshelf, the next thing you need to do is to organize them by type. As I’ve mentioned under the “Bookshelf” section, you can arrange them by size, color, title, or genre. Arranging your books by type will make it easier for you to pick the books that you are looking for. If your books are scattered in the bookshelf, you will sure spend so much time on searching because you will surely need to check each book. Arranging the books by size and color is a good idea if you want to have a decorative bookshelf.


Put a mark


If you want to organize your books by genre, make sure to put a mark for each section. You can put all the books that have the same genre on one side of your bookshelf. Putting a mark can help you to identify the genres of books on each section. Even if you arrange your books by genre, you might forget later on the type of books on every section if they are not labeled.


How to get rid of old books


Donate to a library


If there are books in your house that you don’t read, you can donate them to a library. This is better than throwing them away. Some libraries have a yearly book sale. They sell books to earn money for the library. Make sure that the books that you will donate are still readable or are in good condition. Libraries won’t accept torn books.


Donate to friends


You can also donate your books to your friends; they will surely be happy. You definitely know the type of books your friends like. Instead of throwing them away, just give them to your friends. You definitely have books that they need. Your friends will also be able to save money from buying a new one.


Sell Online


If you think you have a book that is useful, post them online. There will surely be people who are interested on your book. Not only you will be able to help people save money or save time from searching for a book, but you will also earn money. You can also be able to buy a brand new book with the money that you will earn from reselling.


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