I’m happy to announce that Jack or Jill has been re-released with updated information on the real Jack the Ripper case:

A serial killer roams the streets of the Honeymoon Capital of the world–Niagara Falls. The police are looking for an individual who resembles a haunting and familiar killer from the historical past–Jack the Ripper! The 5 murders bear a haunting resemblance to the White Chapel murders of 1888. They are all women, connected to the sex trade, and brutally murdered!

Dr. Thaddeus Michael Thomas, a former criminal profiler turned professor, is brought in to profile the case, despite opposition from high-ranking police officials. Thomas has a unique theory: What if the modern day Ripper is a woman? What if the original Jack the Ripper from 1888 was a woman? In order to catch the modern day Ripper, Thomas, along with two students and his former lover, must piece together the original killings.


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