Fear Factors is experimental science blended together with erotic horror. The 10 short stories featured offered the reader a unique journey into the twisted, restless world of modern humanity, the ingredients for what scares us most. Sacco stretches the limits of imagination.

Fear Factors is a book about man’s inhumanity to man – it’s about the evil man does. Basically, its how some humans create hell for others! How far are you willing to push the envelope to get what you really, really want at the expense of another person?

Fear Factors contains II short stories/novellas which are guaranteed to keep you up at night – reading, or afraid to turn the lights off. Vampires, ghosts, demons, Hitler, urban legends and infidelity are the ingredients for nightmarish tales. Fear Factors has the horrific ingredients and more to satiate the true horror lover’s taste buds! Are you up for these horrific reads?

“Frightening, intense, provocative, stylish… A cunning imagination!”
– Maple Tree Productions