Every person gain information from a book by reading it. A book consists of diverse information around the world. When a person starts entering school, they start to know what a book is and how to read it. Books can help people on various ways like studying in school. People can expand their knowledge by reading different types of books. There are also books that provide entertainment for readers like novels. If you are searching for a good novel to read, you can perform a research about the best-selling novels online. You can also ask your friends or go into a library for a good novel.


Reading books or novels is like feeding your brain. If you have lots of information stored in your brain, your life will definitely become easy because you can easily tackle the problems or trial that will come in your everyday life. A person who is addicted on reading books is called a bookworm. Sometimes, people who love books create their own books or novels to share their knowledge or to bring entertainment to other people.


Since novels have different genres, people have their own reasons why they read novels aside from being entertained. They read a funny novel because it can remove their stress. Some adults read horror novels because these are challenging and they test their courage. If you also love to read novels, you might also want to write your own novel.


Here are some tips on how to create or write a short novel:


Choose a genre for your novel


The first thing you need to do is choose the genre of the novel that you want to write. You can choose among comedy, romance, fantasy, horror, fiction, or nonfiction, etc. Since you are just starting your first novel, you should choose the genre that you always read. You won’t definitely choose a genre that you haven’t read because you don’t have much idea about it. It would be easy to start writing a novel with a genre that is based on your interest.


Create the characters


After you choose the genre of your novel, the next thing you need to do is create the characters. It is a good idea to create a character that will suit the genre of your novel. For example, you want to write a horror novel, you can create a character that has a scary appearance. When writing a novel, you need to explain the appearance, personality, and the history of each character for the readers to visualize it. Readers won’t be able to enjoy or visualize what they are reading if you don’t explain a place or the characters.


Choose a place to WRITE


If you are done choosing genre and creating the characters, you need to think of a place where to write your novel. You can write your novel on a comfortable place like your room or in a library. You can also write in a place wherein you can see different resources that you can include on your story. There will be times that you will run out of ideas. Things around you will be a great help on writing your novel.


Develop the story line


Yes! It is important to develop the story line. Since what you chose is the genre that you always read, you definitely have lots of ideas on how to start your novel. It is a good idea to write a situation wherein readers need to think what will happen next. You need to be aware of obvious lines (especially if you are writing a suspense novel) that can make the readers know what’s going to happen next before they even read it. You also need to make your story original. Readers will just quit reading your book if the story or lines have similarities with other books.


Think of a title


When you are ready to write your novel, you need to think of a title for your novel. When people search for books especially in the library, they first read the title before they read the first page. You need to think of a good title that will attract or make readers curious. Your novel will definitely be loved by readers if it has a good title and a good story.


Schedule your writing


You also need to schedule your writing. If you are very busy on weekdays, you can write your novel on weekends. You can also write when you are not busy or if you are still in the mood after your work. It is a good idea to write your novel when you are in good condition. If you are tired or stressed on your work, you won’t be able to think properly when you are writing. When you start writing, don’t rush and take your time, you don’t have deadlines.


When you already finished writing your short novel, put it away for at least a week or a month then read it again and rewrite it as needed. You can make your novel good if you read it and rewrite it more and more. After you are done editing your novel and you have finalized it, you need to find a publisher and show your novel.


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