Reading different best-selling books online really gives so much fun and enjoyment to lots of readers out there, but did you ever ask yourself about being a better reader than before? If you’ve asked that question before to yourself, then this article is right for you and can really help you, seriously. We all know that there are lots of stuffs that can help you in terms of these situations but this article might have the best tips that you can have. We do love reading different kinds of reading materials every day. Everywhere we go, we read different things from different signs from the places we go.

Asking you to be a better reader than before is something good and is an achievement if accomplished, because being a better reader develops our skills and has different benefits. Being a better reader can really help on enhancing yourself and what you’re going to do next.


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Reading best-selling books online or a simple book is an extremely important skill. It is by reading that you learn much of what you need to know for your different school subjects. Reading is also an excellent way to improve your general English. You can only learn from reading if what you read is not too difficult for you to understand. For this reason, it is important to know what makes texts difficult and how you can improve your chances of understanding them.


There are lots of different topics and blogs about books; but before you read more topics and some new interesting books, being a better reader must be considered first.


Here are the tips that can help you to be a better reader:


Know Your Reading Purpose

Before you start, this procedure determines the purpose why you are doing these stuffs. Your purpose is the one that can help you decide whether the procedure is truly for you or not. Although being a better reader is for everyone, it’s still important that you know the purpose why you need to be or why you want to be a better reader.


Choose the Right Speed in Reading

Being a better reader doesn’t require you to have the ability to read fast just like your neighbor’s red Ducati. But what I’m saying is that having the proper speed in reading is very essential too. Whether you read fast or not, your dream to be a better reader will depend on how you wanted to be.


Get Background Information

It is also important that you know something about the book, maybe a little background from what you are reading. Why is this stuff very important? Because sometimes, we all judge a book from its cover. We make assumptions on our minds like “this book rocks” or “this book is cool” at the time we first saw a book. But then when we finished the book, we have this feedback like “this book is different from what I was expecting,” things like that. In order for us to match what we think and what we feel when we finished a book, we must have a background knowledge from the book itself to serve as guide for our minds as we read it.


Use All the Information You Get in the Book

Using all the information we get from what we read is really a cool stuff because we know that reading a book is very helpful for all of us and using what we learned from the book is really great, not just for us but also from the things we apply to our lives.


Increase Your Vocabulary

Increasing our vocabulary is really a good thing in the development process, why? Because it is a very important thing to do and a very significant thing to make as we read different books so that we could understand the thoughts and we can get the message the author wants the readers to learn.


Use the Dictionary

If you are not familiar with some of the words that you encounter while you read, having dictionary beside you is a very wise way to deal with. But you can also find some different dictionary applications for your phones if you don’t want to carry some heavy books.


Learn the Important Words

Learning some important words while you read is very important too, because these words are the ones that can help you and you can also use these words when constructing some sentences or paragraphs.


Choose the Right Place to Read

The place where you read is also important because your ability to learn will depend on how you can concentrate in reading. Some of us want a better place to read and dream an ideal place where we can read anything we want. The place is also essential because how can you learn something if the place is quite noisy? You must find a better place to read to have a better reading ability.


Choosing the Right Time to Read

The right time is also important because how can you read some books if you are sleepy? Thinking the time to read and the time when your body is in the condition to read and absorb knowledge will really help you for this process.


Try Not to Read Something Difficult

For now, just avoid the difficult reading materials that can really make you sick.


Read Easy Books

Reading easy books is just as if you are riding a bike with supporting wheels. Before you engage in some hard situations in reading, just read some easy books to have a warm-up.


Choose an Interesting Book

It is also important that you read some books that are based from your interests or on topics related with your habits.


Search the Net

Why choose to search the net? Because all you need is just one click away.


These are all the best tips for you to be a better reader. It is not all about what or who wants to be a better reader, it is on how you can do things just like this. All you have to do is to determine why you do this and that, and you will have it.

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