I suppose that everyone knows what a book is. Did you know that when writing system was invented they used stones, clays, tree and different things that can be carved as a writing material?  Yes they did, and fortunately today we have papers. A book has a different types and genre. What is genre? This is categories of composition that is characterized by their style and forms.

Books are composed by someone whom they call author. Books can be borrowed in the library, and in our modern world we can even read books online. Usually, a book has different titles and Google estimated 130 million unique titles as of 2011.

It is usual why many books have the same title but different author. But others are wondering if title would be applied by the copyright law. So having thought of that let me put it this way; I think that the copyright law does not apply to titles. Why? It would be hard recycling all those titles for a lifetime. Do you get what I mean? Well let’s say it this way, if it applies the copyright law, they can’t use the word “algebra” or “English” as a title for a textbook.

Now let us talk about advantages and benefits of reading different types of books. What can reading do to you? Here are some of their advantages:

Reading improved memory
Have you ever experience something that you did and forget about it so easily? This is a problem faced by many people. They tend to forget thing easily. You have to try reading consistently and see the result it can give to you. Reading really can improve memory.

Reading is a skill builder. How? Books are better than discussion, to the point that information in books are deeper than information you can learn from a discussion. By reading, your mental process is being active and makes your brain sharper thus makes your memory improve. Most people learned first on how to talk than how to read but in the process of reading, people tend to learn more and more which can make their brain and memory improve.

Improve Vocabulary
In process of learning, reading is very important. People may know the word but they don’t know what it means. This is where reading can help. You can learn the meaning of the word by reading the word in a sentence and simply look for a dictionary to find its meaning.

When reading a book, you will encounter a word that is not familiar with you. Learning those unfamiliar words by reading will make improve your vocabulary. There are some words that we know but we haven’t seen yet and reading forces us to look at the word.

Writing Skill & Reasoning Skills
Do you think writers and authors got their skill in writing since they were born? No they don’t. Many writers gained their skills by reading a lot of books from different authors. We know already that reading books greatly increase your brain activity and vocabulary. Imagine if you were reading books, what do you think will happen if you surround yourself with works of other that already had expertise and skills in writing better than you? I think you know the answer.

How can reading help you improve your reasoning skill?    There are some books that contain arguments. Different people may have different ideas or a certain topic that may lead to an argument, but as long as you read and has a deeper knowledge about the topic your reasoning is better than others. That is how reading will help your reasoning skills.

Self Esteem
Have ever been in a conversation with a group of friends and suddenly you begun to be speechless and quiet because you don’t know the topic? Some people describe this as being “out of place” because of the topic. The cause of this is you don’t have information or knowledge about the topic. This makes some people lose their confidence. You can prevent this if you read.

Building self confidence in terms of conversation is not that hard. Reading will help you increase your self-esteem. Having an expertise and knowledge about a certain topic will greatly increase your self confidence. You will start feeling good about yourself knowing that you know something that they don’t know. There is a tendency that people will find you and ask you for answers and the feeling about yourself will be better.

Creativity and Imagination
Have you ever watched a television? Do you know that you’re using your imagination while watching? Yes you do! But that is not an active imagination. Watching television gives everything to your imagination and which we call ‘passive imagination’.  When reading, you will have an active imagination. How? While you read, your mind tends to see what you read.

Example is when you are reading a book about horror. Your mind will imagine a horrific setting depending on what you have read and understand.

A good writer can make you picture the body of the story like its character, scenes and settings. But that is all a writer can give you. Imagination is up to you. The more you read is the more your imagination improves.

But how will reading improve your creativity? By gaining more ideas and knowledge by reading, you won’t even notice that your creativity is improving. Being exposed to different ideas and information you will notice that you are able to come up with a more creative idea.

These are just few of the advantages and benefits of reading different types of books. Do not forget to check some of the bestselling books online & novels.