Reading books, articles, and some magazines is really good for your mind and body. It will make you feel relaxed and you’ll enjoy it especially when the story of what you are reading is more about experiences of lives or about something that you can relate on. Some people do not like to read because they say that they experience dullness, but if you enjoy what you do, you will never feel bored. At some point, reading can be your guide to have a better imagination; because when people always read, they learn to visualize what they are reading. It will lead you to read some unfamiliar words but you will actually learn because if you do not understand a word, you can find a solution by searching for its meaning.


Most people buy the best-selling books in order to make sure that what they read is interesting. Readers can encourage other people who do not love to read. When they enjoy what they are doing, they will definitely gain knowledge. Reading is the best way to focus your attention away from your different troubles and worries in your everyday life. Some authors have a creative mind. They make a story that is based on their lives so that the readers can catch up. Some readers have inspiration because of this. The readers think that the story is similar to their lives. 


Here are the reasons why reading is good for mind and body:


 1.      People who read books have higher imagination.

People who are always reading books, articles, magazine, novels, and so on, can have a higher imagination; if you really understand what you are reading, you will be able to visualize the words. Sometimes, readers love to read some books that are more about experiences in lives—the reality in our world. If you want to experience what you are reading, just understand and imagine what you are reading.


 2.      Reading unfamiliar words can develop your brain.

Have you experienced reading unfamiliar words? Reading a book with those unfamiliar words can develop your brain and can also boost your grammar and vocabulary. If you find some unidentified words, find a solution; search that word so you can find what it means. In that way, the unfamiliar word can be then included in your vocabulary.


 3.      Reading different books encourages readers to think and learn focus.

Reading different books makes a reader think and learn focus. If you really understand what you are reading, you will learn how to focus. Most of the time, there are some readers who do not really understand what they are reading that’s why they come to a point when they repeatedly read the same sentences just to comprehend.


 4.      Reading can make you more compassionate.

How does reading make you more compassionate? It is good to read. It can make you become more compassionate and you will be able to relate with the approach that you find in real life. The concepts of the story will make you realize that you’ve already experienced it. Being more compassionate makes us feel good and it activates pleasure circuits in the brain.


 5.      Reading can reduce stress.

Reading can lessen your stress no matter how tired you are from work, from different issues in your daily life, or from personal relationship. A well-written book can make your realism; some will distract you but others can keep you in the present moment.


 6.      Reading can lead you to have better writing skills.

Reading can show the way to have better writing skills. When you are reading continually, you are doing it every day and everywhere. Reading goes hand in hand with the development of your vocabulary, so some writers have an inspiration because they read and they do the work of others.


 7.      Reading can improve the quality of conversation or communication to other people.

Reading books can certainly improve the quality of the way you communicate with other people. It can help you become more interested and involved in the discussion. Obtaining more information will provide you more advantage to others because you gather more information because you have much wider understanding.



Books are very influential, they change and change lives. Almost all successful people will tell you that there is at least one book that they read that completely turned around and transformed their life. If you want to know more about books or how to expand your knowledge, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.