What is your favorite hobby? Is reading books one of your hobbies? If it is, have you already read some best-selling books or novels? If not, well you should make it as your hobby and start reading best-selling books. Reading books can expand every reader’s knowledge. In school, what teachers discuss to their students came from books. They read books and discuss them to their class in order for their students to understand the lesson easily. Schools also provide books to students to help on their studies. Reading books doesn’t stop in school. When students are at home, they still need to read books to expand their knowledge to get a high grade or score on exams.


There are different types of books, and the knowledge that an individual gain depends on the type of books that they read. The knowledge that you gain on reading books can help to tackle some trials or problems that comes in your everyday life. Before you start reading, see the list below to learn some tips on reading books.


Here are some effective tips on reading books:


Read Interesting Books

Yes! The first thing you need to do is to choose some interesting books. You won’t definitely read books that don’t make you interested. If you force yourself to read a book that is not based on your interest, you will eventually quit reading even if you are not done reading it yet. You will surely enjoy reading the book that you choose if it is based on your interest. One of the reasons why some readers quit reading is they find reading boring because they have chosen a book that doesn’t make them interested. If you are a beginner on reading books and you still don’t know what type of books interest you the most, start reading short novels or short story books. If watching movies is one of your hobbies, you can choose a book that has the same genre with the movies that you watch.


Find a Comfortable Place to Read

You also need to consider this when you are reading books. As I’ve mentioned before, you can expand your knowledge by just reading different types of books, but you won’t be able to absorb what you read if you are in an uncomfortable place. So the best thing that you need to do is to find a comfortable and peaceful place to read. You can read on your own room wherein you can lie down and relax. Make sure that the place where you read also has a cool temperature. You will surely stop reading if you are in a hot place. If you are planning to read on a park, make sure that you bring earplugs. These will ensure that you won’t be distracted by some loud noises around you.


Bring a Bookmark

This is one of the things that you mustn’t forget. You need to have a bookmark and always stick it in your book. A bookmark is a great help when you have to stop reading because of some important things to do. It is used to know where you stopped the last time you read and to know where you will start. If you are a busy person and you can only give a small amount of time on reading books, a bookmark is very important. It would be a big problem if you don’t know where you stopped and where to start. You will definitely start reading from the beginning of the book.


Bring Snacks

If you are planning to read book the whole day on your day-off and you already have chosen interesting books and a comfortable place to read and you already have a bookmark, you might want to bring snacks. If you start reading with an empty stomach, you will surely have a hard time absorbing or enjoying what you read. Before you start reading, make sure that you are not hungry and get some snacks; in that way, you don’t need to stop reading and stand up just to buy or look for food. You will surely finish the book immediately if there are no distractions.


Bring a Dictionary

Another thing you need to have before you start reading to avoid stopping is a dictionary. When you read a book, you will definitely encounter some unfamiliar words. You will surely not understand the story or some sentences that have unknown words. If you have a dictionary when you read, you can easily determine or identify the unknown word that you encounter. Basically, a dictionary is very important when you read, it is also a great help to expand your vocabulary.


Reading books can also help to forget about your problems and give you a good mood. If you already read a lot of books, you can also try different genre’s that you haven’t tried yet.


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