Learning how to read is very important, because with it, we can expand our knowledge and learn new things. When we were still a child, our parents taught us how to read and our reading skills were enhanced after we started going to school. There are different types of books that we can read. The knowledge that we acquire also depends on the type of book that we read. If you are choosing a book, you definitely pick the interesting one that is why most readers read some best-selling books or novels. Most people treat reading as a hobby, but others don’t. Other people don’t read because they find reading boring and it is because they choose books that don’t interest them. 


In order to enjoy reading books, you need to focus and find a comfortable place to read. You won’t absorb what you read if there are distractions around you. There are some readers who can read properly even if there are noises around whereas there are those who can’t. Below are some tips on how to be comfortable and focused on reading books. These are great tips especially for beginners.


Here are some tips on how to be comfortable and focused on reading books:


Visit the Library


Yes! If you really want to focus on your reading without any distraction, the best choice for you is to go to a library. You can definitely read peacefully on a library since there are also other readers so nobody would try to make some noise. You can also quickly pick the book that you want to read. The good thing is, if you can’t finish reading the book, you can borrow it and continue reading at home. One more advantage on reading in the library is, aside from it is a peaceful place to read, you can also choose interesting books that you haven’t read yet.


Stay in Your Room


You will definitely feel more comfortable if you read in your own room. Just like in library, you can also read peacefully. No one will also distract you because you are alone in your room. If there are distractions outside your room like sound of moving vehicles or loud music, you can wear earplugs to minimize the noise. As I’ve mentioned before, there are some people who can’t read properly on a noisy place. Don’t forget to bring dictionary and bookmark when you are reading. Dictionary is a big help in case you encounter some unfamiliar words. Bookmark is used to mark the page where you stopped reading the last time to avoid starting over again.


Go to the Park


There are some places that are perfect for reading books; another good example is the park. Most readers love a place wherein they can relax while reading. You can sit under a tree on a park. With a nice surrounding and cool wind, you can definitely have a comfortable reading. As I’ve mentioned before, you can wear earplugs to minimize the noise around you. Since it is a park, there are lots of people or kids who play there. You also need to bring food and drinks, in case you get hungry. You won’t definitely be able to focus and absorb what you read if you are starving.


Choose a Comfortable Position


This is very important when you read. You should find a relaxing position when you start reading. You can sit or lie on your bed. You should change your position if you stayed on a single position for a long time of reading. You won’t be able to read properly if you are not comfortable with your position.


When you read, don’t rush. The possible thing that will happen is you won’t be able to absorb what you read. If you are a beginner, try reading short novel or book first. When your reading skills have improved, then start reading long story or novels.


Additional Tips on Reading


  • Bring your bookmark and dictionary every time you read. They are great help when you start reading.
  • You can also wear your eyeglasses if necessary; in that way, your eyes won’t have a hard time especially if you plan to read for a long time.
  • Use your finger when reading sentences; in that way, you won’t be lost.
  • If you are reading somewhere and you don’t have your dictionary, you can jot down all the unfamiliar words that you encountered.
  • Stay in a cool place to be more comfortable; it would be uncomfortable if you are sweating.
  • You can also try other genres of novels or books if you already read lots of books. There are definitely other types of books that will suit your interests.


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