Tips on Choosing Books and Proper Reading with Best-Selling Books

You definitely know that reading books are the main source of knowledge or information. If you want to know more, you can do a research about the best-selling books online. From the day you first entered school, you started learning how to read books and expanding your knowledge. Reading books and gaining information is a way of feeding your brain. With different and lots of information in your mind, you can definitely tackle every trial that will come in your everyday life.


When you read books, you definitely choose the book that interests you most. If you are addicted on reading books, you are already a bookworm. Reading books can also keep you entertained, help you forget about your problems, and remove stress. There are also people who don’t read books because they are busy on other things. Sometimes some stop reading books because they think it is boring. For starters, that is the main reason why they quit reading. But the truth is, it’s probably because they chose a book that don’t interests them.


For people who have just started reading, here are some tips about reading books and proper reading:


Choose a good book


Yes! This is very obvious because the most common reason why a person doesn’t read books is because he/she finds it boring. As I’ve said in the introduction, some people choose books that don’t interest them that is why they think reading is boring. If you will start reading books, you might want to try books that will suit your interests. For example, you are good in some topics in science like animals or planets, you might want to read a book that includes those topics. If you choose random books, you will easily quit reading because you will not enjoy what you read. So choose a good book when you practice reading.


Start Reading


After you choose a good book, the next thing you need to do is to start reading. In order to have a comfortable reading experience, you need to go into a peaceful place that is away from noise. You won’t be able to absorb what you read if you are distracted with the noise around you. When you already find a comfortable place to read, you need to have a dictionary beside you. You will definitely encounter a word that is hard for you to understand. If you have a dictionary, you can find the meaning of those words and you can continue reading. There are times that you won’t be able to understand a sentence if you don’t understand a certain word. You must also have a bookmark in case you are going to the restroom to mark the page where you stopped.


Read slowly


When you start reading books, you need to read slowly. Make sure you that you can absorb or understand every word that you read. Your pace in reading doesn’t matter; , the important thing is you understand what you’re reading. Some people read fast but don’t even absorb any word they read. It is like wasting time for nothing. Remember that you read books to gain knowledge, so don’t rush on reading. You will definitely improve if you continue on reading. If you don’t have a dictionary with you, you can write down all the words that you don’t understand then find out their meaning when you already have your dictionary (you might encounter them the next time you read).


Read simple books


When you already start reading books, you must look for simple books. In that way, it won’t take you a long time to finish it. If you have free time, you can read novels that are not too thick. When you read short stories or simple books, you will definitely be excited to know about the ending of the book. If you start reading hard books or long story books, you will surely feel tired of reading it because you are consuming lots of time before you finish it. So all you need to do is start from reading simple books. If you think that your reading skills have already improved, then begin reading hard books.


Read Hard books


When you already read short story books, try reading hard books or books that contains a long story. When you read a long story book, you need to have patience. You will be reading a long story book for a long time before you finish it especially if you are busy on other things. The advantage of reading a hard or a long story book is you will definitely encounter lots of unknown words wherein you can expand your vocabulary. You will definitely improve quickly if you start reading hard books when you are done with easy books. If you stay reading on short story books, your improvement will be slow.


Ask others


If you are already good on reading books and you already finished all your books, you might be thinking of the next book that you want to read. If you are having a hard time looking for books, you can perform a research and look for the best-selling books online. You can also ask your friends or family members for recommendation. Your friends and family definitely know the type of books that you like so they might recommend a good book for you. If there is a library near your area, you can ask the librarian about the books that are borrowed often. You can also walk around in the library and look for good books.


When choosing a book in a library, read the first two or three pages of the book. If you like it, then get it. If you don’t, you can always choose another. Always remember that books are the main source of knowledge, so don’t be lazy on reading.


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