Right Now Enough is Enough!

How many times have you tried to quit cigarette smoking in the last year, two five…or ten? Do you or someone you struggle with alcohol problems? Perhapsit is sex, drugs, gambling or pornography which is your vice.Maybe you have bitten off more than you can chew, first believing you could quit any of the above once you started. And speaking of chewing, if you are an over-eater and addicted to food, this is for you too! If you are finally ready to kick the habit, turn over a new leaf and make the best of a new opportunity, then read on…

I have worked in the mental health and addictions field for nearly 20 years– seeing individuals in counselling and support groups. I have also been an instructor and professor teaching psychology courses in mental health and addictions for 16 years. Over that time frame, it is the feedback from clients and students which taught me the most in the “real world”. I learned that no one style fits everyone, and that not everyone fits into one style. Basically, in the world of addiction and mental health, too many times square pegs are squeezed into circular openings which doesn’t work!