Different-Reading-Material-and-Their-Counterparts-in-the-InternetWhat are reading materials? These are magazines, newspapers, books, etc. Basically these are things that have text and can be read by people. It is no secret that reading can provide great benefits to every reader.


There are many reasons why people should read. Reading books and other reading materials can improve your vocabulary. Being a normal person who doesn’t read often won’t be familiar with other words that are being used on a book. When reading, you will encounter different words that are unfamiliar, you can get the meaning of a word by reading the whole sentence or writing it down then look at the meaning on a dictionary. What’s the point? Well nothing particular except that you won’t be ignorant to words. Not only that reading can help you with your vocabulary, it also gives information.


Talking about information on early days, the main source of information is a newspaper. It contains lots of news about showbiz, job vacancy, weather forecast, etc. It is one of the most informative reading materials. It shows news worldwide or at your local place. But it also has an entertainment section where you can play puzzle and read some interesting articles. Entertainment help a lot in reading since it can be considered as a spice when reading. It encourages you to read more. Just like newspaper, comic books are popular but it serves as an entertainment alone. It usually has different stories and mostly about superheroes, romance or action. You will see drawing about characters and their lines, too.


Nowadays, almost every reading material has their counterpart on the internet.  But first let us take the most popular one.


Book. It is considered as the most popular reading material. Why? Well it still popular considering that many people still use books today. There are different types of books, but we will literally talk about books and not educational books. Usually books provide a story depending on the forte of the author. Author tends to right a story out of their mind, probably because they might want to entertain the reader by making a twist out of the story or giving a lesson inside the story.


The counterpart of book is called an eBook, also known as an electronic book. Unlike books that are published live, eBook are published online. Meaning they are published with a help of computers or electronic devices.  This is an electronic version of a book. Usually, you can read this with an electronic device. What are the formats of eBook? Most eBook is on a PDF format which requires you to have an Acrobat Reader, software needed to allow your electronic device to read the eBook.


Newspaper. It is stated above that newspaper contains different information which contains news. A traditional newspaper usually is printed and has cover. They are folded and usually black and white in color. But what is the counterpart of a newspaper in the internet? It is called Digital Newspaper. It is called digital because it can be viewed by using internet. They can be accessed by computer or apps that can be downloaded from the internet.


Comics. It is also called as comic magazine which has sequential juxtaposed panels which represents the scenes of the story. Every panel has a brief descriptive script or dialog that the character used for the story. This is popular to children especially on the early years. The counterpart of comic in the internet is known as Digital Comic. This is also a comic except that it is entirely created on computer.

Are you familiar with Manga? It is the Japanese version of comic. It has taken popularity today because of all the beautiful stories from it. It is usually scanned and translated from different language, but mainly to English.


Above are just few of the reading materials and their counterparts in the internet. If you have more reading materials that you wish to add, feel free to comment below or comment on my Facebook page. Do not forget to check my best selling books online and novels.