A chill pill! Not that there really is such a thing as a “chill pill”, but you are about to go shopping. Have you seen the parking lots lately? A whole lot of road rage going on! Did you know that the hottest commodity as Christmas draws closer is a parking place? What the heck is up with that? Did everyone all of a sudden go to the license bureau and decide that they wanted a new sticker for their plate?

So…you are about to make the trek to the mall! Some words of wisdom, wear loose clothing. Heating the outer core is not a good idea when the lava within is already bubbling. Also, pouring gas on the fire is not a good idea. When I refer to “gas” I am referring to the fuel also known as java. Yes, it will definitely kick things up a notch or two; not to mention road rage, checking out at the register rage and…shopping rage.

So take that “chill pill” = deep breaths and happy thoughts! Playing the role of pass rusher or running back (football terms) is all worth it because you are about to make someone happy because you didn’t blow your cool and got “so and so” the gift they wanted. And if they don’t like their gift, welcome to “return the damn gift” rage!