It’s August in North Western Canada, and global warming has brought with it tropical monsoons and hurricanes people have never seen before. Hartley Bay, famous for its Native preservation and fisheries, is also being threatened by another form of anomaly–economic prosperity. As resorts are being developed in Hartley Bay, blood is being shed while the Natives fight with land developers.

Did someone say blood? Claire Sanders and her team of negotiators from the USA travel to Hartley Bay hoping to create a peace agreement with the Natives. Upon arriving, they see nothing civil about the Native rebels nor the torrential storms that make the team instant hostages to the island — fish in a barrel! Where there is unrest, torment, and…yes, blood, there is the Flying Dutchman, a ship of vampires led by Captain Stefen Hiller, whose band of blood-thirsty men has sailed the seas for centuries, descending upon isolated developments before moving on to other unsuspecting areas.

Ten-year-old Kyle Sanders, who possesses the gift of precognition, sees the Dutchmen coming to Hartley Bay. Just who is going to believe the boy’s warning? “The vampires are coming!”