A mild-mannered East Indian telemarketer dials up a suspended cop with violent anger issues, only to have the unhinged man begin stalking and harassing his entire family. When the family gets caught up in someone else’s plot, the two men must team up to save them.

Detective Steven Donovan gets suspended after killing three suspects; then his wife and son leave him, citing his anger issues as one of many reasons. Then he receives a call from a telemarketer, and loses all control. Amir Sandu is only doing his job and is usually quite calm, but after being continuously berated by Donovan he finally retaliates. This incenses Donovan, and he begins menacing Amir and his family, who cannot find help due to Donovan’s police ties.

The story follows Amir and Donovan as their lives collide and entwine after one fateful phone call. The story delves into the shadowy depths of the human psyche, exploring rage, panic, desperation and forgiveness. The violent cop stalks the timid telemarketer. The timid telemarketer reaches a point he never imagined he was capable of… raw violence!

And when the hatred grows out of control and the aggression reaches thresholds beyond reasonable sanity… a truce must be drawn in the sand.

The two enemies are forced to put aside their animosity once Amir’s family is kidnapped and held for ransom by Donovan’s one-time partner. The two devise a plan and rescue the Sandu family, with Donovan compromised and his partner are killed in a confrontation.
Private Caller leaves readers on the edge of their seats. The action continues until the final moments, leaving readers pondering whether Donovan’s change is enough to redeem him-and seriously reconsidering any career involving telemarketing.