Do you still remember the time when you learn how to read books? Well, our parents and teacher teach us how to read. When we are already in the right age, our parents send us to school in order to enhance our knowledge, our reading and writing skills. By the help of our teachers, we learn what we need to learn in life.


But have you ever think where our teachers get the knowledge that they teach to us? Well, teachers also gain knowledge on reading books. There is a certain book for every field or subject in school like math or science. When the time came and you already graduated in school, you still need to read books in order to learn other things. Most people read bestselling books or novels for advance learning or entertainment.


There are also people who don’t like reading books because of reasons like they find it boring or they are busy on other things. Reading books is very important for every person and you definitely want other people to also read books. Below are some tips on how to motivate a non-reader to read books.


Here are some tips on how to motivate non-readers to read books:


Tell them the benefits


Yes! This is the first thing you need to do in order to motivate non-readers to read books. Tell all the benefits of reading books to those who don’t like reading. The main benefit of reading books is that it can expand our knowledge. It can also enhance our imagination skills, vocabulary and of course reading skills. The books a person read, the more it can practice its reading. Make the non-readers realize that the knowledge that they gain on reading different types of books can be used to tackle trials in their life. Since readers have different knowledge in their brain, they have advantage on non-readers.


Give them interesting books


This is the next thing you need to do, you need to give them interesting books to read. Before you give books to non-readers, you need to ask them where they are interested. They will definitely not read a book that is not based on their interest. If a person enjoys reading a certain book, he/she will surely continue to read more and more. Make sure that you give them some books that are not too long, the possible thing that happens is they will get bored and quit reading. You also need to assure that there are no difficult words.


Join them read books


There are people who don’t read books because they find it boring because they read alone. For example you want to motivate your friend to read books, the first thing you need to do is choose books that will interest your friend. When you start reading book with your friend, you can share the best thing about the book that you read. Your friend might get interested on the book that you read and start reading it too.


Tell them what you gain


You also need to tell non-readers everything that you gain from reading books. Well, in order to motivate them, you need to show them some proof. You can show your reading skills or tell them some trials that came into your life and how you tackle them by the help of books. Since by reading books you expand your vocabulary, show them your score as proof on spelling or vocabulary exam.


Lessons Learned


Reading books or novels can affect the personality of a person. Let a non-reader read a short novel or story, after that ask him/her about the lesson that he/she learn. Tell him/her that he will learn good things and good lessons in life if he continues to read different types of books. Reading books of a successful person is also a great idea; person who read those types of books will learn not to lose hope in life. And they will gain knowledge on how to overcome problems. Try giving a non-reader a book of a successful person; he will definitely love reading it.


By having different knowledge in our brain, we can easily achieve our dreams. We can enhance our reading skills and knowledge by continues reading, but we also need to learn the proper way and technique on reading books. If you just read a book without understanding it, you will definitely learn nothing. In order to read properly you must find a peaceful place to read, dictionary in case you encounter unfamiliar words, comfortable position and a bookmark to know where you stop reading.


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