different-genres-of-novelsEvery individual can learn new knowledge by reading different types of books. An individual can expand their knowledge on a certain field by just reading books.  However, it depends on the type of book that they want to focus. An individual could start learning new things through reading. In school, teachers teach students how to read. When an individual learn how to read, the next thing they need to know is to understand what they read.


A person needs to understand what they read in order to gain knowledge. There are different types of books that could help every individual on their emotional development. Novel is a type of book that contains stories that provides different information. It also offers the reader to enjoy the type of novel they read.  Here are the different genre’s of novels that will suits every individual’s interest


Drama Novels

This type of novel contains stories about trials in life or tragedy. Most drama novel readers are women. Sometimes readers can relate to the story because they could have already went through a situation that was written in the story. Drama novels sometimes can make women readers cry. Most drama novels also inspire readers because they usually start from a sad scene going to a happy scene. For example, a family went through a situation wherein they are totally down, no money, food or even break their family apart. The most inspirational scene in the story is when the family passes all the trials in their life because they never give up. Readers use the story as an inspiration; to have courage and never give up when trials comes into their life.


Romance Novels

Romance novels are similar to drama novels however romance novels contain stories about two lovers or couples. This kind of novel touches everyone’s hearts and emotion. Romance novels are much appreciated by readers who have partners in life. They will learn how to handle a relationship and how to make their relationship strong. There are scenes in romance novels like couples that need to be separated because of their parents or problems in their relationship. The most famous drama novel is Romeo and Juliet, the story is about a rich girl and a normal guy which need to be separated because his father doesn’t like Romeo for a reason that he is not rich. In this story, readers will encourage readers to fight for their love ones.


Fantasy Novels

This kind of novel contains characters or scenes that are commonly beyond everyone’s imagination, this includes power or magic or talking animals. Fairy tales are more liked by kids. Kids love to imagine things such as they want to fly or have a talking pet. There are also fantasy novels for adults; one good example is Harry Potter that already has a movie. Adult readers prefer to read a novel that has action scenes. There are also scenes on fantasy novels that are inspiring and also affect a reader behavior and thinking.


Horror Novels

Horror novels contain thrilling and scary scenes. Most kids don’t read this kind of novels because the story stays in their minds. Some parents read horror novels for their kids to scare them in order for their kids to go to bed and sleep early. This kind of novel is most liked by adults because they can test their courage. Horror novels contain characters that has scary appearance such as zombie, vampires, werewolves or ghost which kids are scared of. There are horror novels that are based on true life stories, and make the story more thrilling.


Comedy Novels

From the word itself “Comedy”, this kind of novel includes scenes that is suitable to all ages because it contains funny stories. Comedy novels make every reader laugh and happy. This kind of novel helps readers remove their stress and forget about their problems.


Above are just few of the different genres of novels. Let me know your favorite novel genre by commenting below or on my Facebook page. Do not forget to check my best selling books online and novels.