What is a book?


A book is made out of paper that has a lot of information written on it and that are glued together. Since there are various information written on a book, people gain knowledge or information by reading it. Authors create a book to share their knowledge or to entertain people. People buy or choose the best-selling books or best-selling novels to make sure that the books that they will buy are interesting.


Why do people need to read books?


This is one of the questions that people usually ask. “Why do people need to read books?” Well, as I’ve mentioned under “What is a book” section, books contain various information. In order to expand your knowledge on a certain thing, you need to read books. For example, you want to expand your knowledge about science; you need to read books that have topic or is related about science.


Books can help people on their studies especially in school. It can be a good help for people who wants to get a high grade or pass the exams. When people start going to school, they are given different types of books to help on their studies. Even if people already graduated in college and start searching for a job or already have a job, reading books is still helpful. Even successful person nowadays still read books. You definitely want to gain knowledge that is not related on your profession. So read a lot of books so that you can tackle the trials that will come in your life. Having different knowledge in your brain can make your life easy.


Where can you find books?


If you love reading books, you may be so addicted that you always buy new books. But if you’re having a hard time searching for a new book to read, here are some tips on how to search a book.


  • Stores


Yes! This is very obvious. When you are planning to buy a new book to read, you can visit a bookstore. You can choose among various types of books on a bookstore including the new arrivals. If you buy a brand new book, you can also sell them to other readers when you already finish reading it. You can also search for the best-selling books online.


  • Library


You can search for a book that you want to read in a library. You can borrow the books that you like in a library. You can also ask the librarian to help you look for books or ask him/her about the book that you are looking for. If you are looking for a good book, you can ask the librarian about the books that are usually borrowed (they are definitely interesting).


  • School


Every school provides books on every student to help on their studies. Schoolbooks help students to expand their knowledge on a certain subject. If you have exams on the next day, you can read your books to help you pass your exams. You can also read the whole book of a certain subject so that when your teachers discuss a topic about it, you can easily catch up. Every school definitely have a library, you can visit it and read if you have a free time.


  • Friends/Family


If you don’t have enough money to buy a new book or if the library is too far from your house, you can ask your friends or family members if they have books that they already finished reading. They will definitely lend you a book that will suit your interest because they know your personal likes.


Which books are the best for you?


Most people don’t read books because they think that they are boring. The reason why they think that way is because they sometimes read random books that do not suit their interests. You will definitely enjoy reading a book if you really like the book that you read. For example, you love reading novels and your personal favorites are funny novels. There are times when you try to read other genre; you sometimes stop reading without finishing it. The best thing to do is to choose a book that you like and will suit your personality.


How people improve their reading skills?


  • Start from small books


If you just started reading books, you need to begin with small books. Practice reading short story books until you feel like reading long story books. You also need to read slowly. If you already read fast, there are times that you will miss other words on a sentence and you won’t be able to understand what you read.


  • Bring dictionary with you


Yes! It is very important to bring a dictionary with you when you are reading especially if you are reading a hard book or a long story book. If you are enjoying the book that you are reading, you definitely don’t want to be distracted and slow down or stop reading just because you don’t know the meaning of a certain word. Bring a dictionary so that you can continue reading even if you encounter an unfamiliar word.


  • Read with your mind


Most people read with their lips and sometimes they don’t absorb what they read. One good way on improving your reading skills is to read with your mind. If you are reading on a library, other readers will be distracted because of you if you read words out loud.


  • Find a place


This is one of the best things you need to consider; you need to find a comfortable place to read. You definitely can’t focus on what you read if there are distractions around you. You might want to read in a library or in your room. You also need to consider the temperature of the place where you read. It is also a good idea to use earplugs to cover your ears if it is noisy in your own house.


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